Normandy Miniatures

Normandy Miniatures is a new company which manufactures hard plastic wargaming miniatures. It was born in the mind of passionate french wargamers to provide some miniatures kits to all the wargamers. Why Normandy Miniatures? Because we have the chance to be based in Normandy a few kilometers away from the D-DAY beaches, so we think that makes great name to speak about history wargames.

Our two first kits are 15mm Jagdpanzer and 15mm M8 Greyhound kit. The 15mm Jagdpanzer kit allows you to build all variants of the famous german tank hunter Jagdpanzer IV (Panzer IV/70 (A), (V) and Jagdpanzer IV). The 15mm M8 Greyhound kit allows you to build the M8 Greyhound and the M20 Scout car.

See you Guys !